Here you´ll find images of work in progress. These images are quite big and will be thumbnailed eventually :-)

2016-11-06: Spoky Ghosts ! go find out what ne new loot is !

2014-03-08: NewScale old player is like a ant pooh. this is 10x10 square km. world is 128 times bigger. we have some adjustemt to do :)

2014-03-05: Blitz Max client build 19

2013-11-18: Dry season is over. we got a sea once again.

2013-11-12: Inventiry shows up. also game is playable attack works :)

2013-11-09: Terrain show up no more runnign in thin air. and fixed player texture

2013-11-02: Gui show up also player can walk around and fight. 2 major bugg. no ground and the player texture is broken. minor Bad frame rate

2013-10-28: Some NPC showup in town gaskil.

2013-10-26: Blitz Max client Ingame view. verry early still playr can walk around. much glitches thoe.

2013-10-16: Blitz Max client started 1970 lines of code. login works. and animating charter selection starting to work.

2013-09-29: Blitz Max client started to show somthing that looks like a login.. 500 lines converted a little more to write..

2011-02-20: The nice Stonemonsters. protecting a ascent stonemark that holds a important secret.

2009-07-17: Tiberion editor now has simple fast sellection window option via mousebutton 3.

2009-04-26: The mytic world from 1280 players from above main land.

2009-02-27: Mythical iron city. Rumors tells it once was a beautiful mountain.

2009-02-27: Inventory takes shape.

2009-02-25: A recent nive view from gaskil.

2009-01-20: One of the many dungeon that gose under tiberionworld.

2007-11-28: Testing how the woods will look like at night, both spooky and enchanting.

2007-11-27: A first glimpse of what Wildborough forest will look like. This forest is a major part of the game, adding a fairytale touch to the game.

2007-10-24: A simple woodhouse providing shelter.

2007-10-24: A very first look at the world in 3D :-)

2007-10-20: Map of Tiberion

2007-10-20: Detailed map of Gaskil and surrounding area.